• Hotel El Águila
  • Hotel El Águila
  • Hotel El Águila
  • Hotel El Águila
  • Hotel El Águila


Low cost Hotel in Zaragoza. El Aguila hotel offers a traditional and familiar atmosphere together wtih functionality, courtesy and customer care.

A hotel with a long and recognized experience, which has been able to cope with all the current changes and needs at the same time as keeping its idyosincrasy. Here you will find the perfect place to rest. Easy to arrive and provided with a big and free parking lot.

Located strategically between the Logroño highway and the Madrid highway. From here you can access easily and quickly to the center of Zaragoza or to the trade fair.

But it is not only thought for businesses...The Hotel has got just in front of it a bus line that drives to the center of Zaragoza, and during the weekend nights you can come back with the night bus (The Owl). This way you will enjoy your weekend in a confortable and low-cost Hotel being able to park your car in our 24-hours watched parking area so you can go out for dinner or for some drinks to Zaragoza.

  • Getaways

    Perfect for those who wish to enjoy a unique weekend while breaking up with routine.

    El Aguila Hotel comes up with the following plans: romantic getaway and gastronomical getaway.


    In the romantic getaway, get the opportunity to enjoy Zaragoza with your couple. A magic city ideal to visit at any time of the year. A perfect gift for those who wish to surprise and spend an unforgettable night with that loved person.


    On the other side, in the gastronomical getaway we immerse you in the intense flavours of our superb kitchen. In this restaurant in Zaragoza you will certainly be able to enjoy  in our traditional aragon cellar the most special wines you can ever imagine. + More Information

  • Restaurant Velagua

    The characteristic of our restaurant kitchens allow us to develop, always with the unquestionable quality of the gastronomy of our restaurant, always beautifully presented and the careful attention to the customer, varied menus and the possibility that the letter elaboréis your own. We have all the ingredients for your meal unforgettable. Will never forget your wedding or communion. And hopefully never forget that it was in our restaurant Velagua in zaragoza. + Information

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hotel barato zaragoza
Hoteles en Zaragoza,
Jaca, Lleida y Ezcaray

Ctra. Logroño , km. 13 400
50180 - Utebo - Zaragoza

Tel : 976 771 100
Fax : 976 771 105

900 900 514
(Landline. Free Call)

978 820 073 (Mobile. Low Cost)


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